A guess the flavour promotion, with a difference. This time, people wouldn’t choose between boring things – like pineapple. No. We gave South Africa 300 totally new flavours to choose from. Does Mega Mystery taste like Ninja Warrior? Like Photobomb? Or does it taste like Multitasking? The flavour with the most votes would be printed on the pack and officially become the flavour of Mega Mystery gum. To promote voting, we created a full, through-the-line campaign.


Right now, in a factory in Poland, the world’s first Alien Abduction flavoured gum is being produced. And in November 2012, over a million packs of Stimorol Alien Abduction Gum will go on sale. So, how did we get here?

Street Poles

Rows of sequential street pole ads gave people an idea of how many bizarre flavours there were to choose from and directed people online for voting.

Stimorol Mega Mystery Street Poles


A 50 second TV ad spiked interest in the campaign and directed people to the website for voting.

Radio Stings

To promote voting, we created a campaign of 25 very short radio stings. Each sting pitted 2 flavours against one another and encouraged the public to vote for their favourite online. 5 of the 25 stings can be heard on the left.


To encourage product trial, Mysterious levitating gurus were seen in public spaces handing out Mega Mystery and directing people online for voting.

Media Packs

Personalised media packs were sent to influential people. These contained bespoke packs of gum that were flavoured like each of those people. The packs instigated widespread media discussion and helped generate several million rand in PR for the campaign.



Facebook Tab

People could vote for their favourite flavour from a custom built Facebook Tab on the newly formed Stimorol SA Facebook Page. People could also suggest their own flavours on the tab, with the best suggestions added to voting.

Note: The tab which launches below is an example of what appeared on Facebook. Voting numbers do not reflect actual campaign numbers.


  • Facebook Tab
  • Facebook Tab
  • Facebook Tab
  • Facebook Tab
  • Facebook Tab


A simplified version of the tab was created for mobile. This allowed people to vote and interact with the campaign from their phones.


MXIT Portal

To reach Mega Mystery’s largely teenage market, we created a MXIT site. Teens could vote for their favourite flavour and interact with the campaign from the site.

MXIT Portal

AD Banners

People could also vote for their favourite flavour from within ad banners. This meant they didn’t have to leave their favourite sites to interact with our campaign. .

Winner Packs

People could also suggest their own weird flavours for the gum. The top 100 suggestions won their flavour – in the form of customised packs with their suggestions printed on the outside.

  • Winner Pack
  • Winners Pack
  • Winner Pack
  • Winner Pack

Online Videos

The very best suggestions also won their flavour, but in the form of filmed vinner videos. These videos served as content for the campaign and encouraged repeat visits to the tab.

Campaign Results Summary

Hundreds of thousands tried to guess Mega Mystery’s flavour. Mega Mystery sold out, exceeding client’s sales forecasts by 233%. Our client had to bring in a new batch, just 2 weeks after the first one hit shelves. The campaign received over 294 000 votes in 7 weeks. Mega Mystery’s Facebook Page received a total of 24 823 ‘likes’ during the campaign period. There were 11 723 public flavour suggestions. Combined, the online videos were viewed more than 19 000 times during the campaign period. All of this helped generate R3,4 million in PR for the client. And we created the world’s first Alien Abduction flavoured gum.

Stimorol Mega Mystery Results